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I've settled on Wholly Kaw's Lav Sublime as my favorite by a mile. All of the tubs of other soaps are in a box in the closet. The donkey milk and tallow formula works great on my skin, and I love the scent, and more importantly, so does my fiancee. Yup, Lav Sublime is the one for me. Except, staring down the abyss of a nearly empty tub, I just tried to order more .... I have a bunch of samples of the more complex WK scents, but I guess I'm just not a complicated kinda guy. I guess the search for my next favorite soap formula begins now ....

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I have a tub of the most recent essential oil based version if you are interested? It's been scooped once and never lathered. It's the soap that finally made me realize that I'm just not that into even reasonably lavender forward soaps. At any rate, sounds like it might get more use in your den. If you have something interesting to trade, I'd certainly be open to that... or if you want to buy it just make me an offer.

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sgarnett, have a 90% bottle of C&S Oxford & Cambridge selling which is a great lavender match for this soap. PM me if interested

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Thanks, but I was only interested in the Lav Sublime donkey milk formula and the matching toner/balm. Found some.

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As of this moment, Maggard has one left.

I have a tub of the Lav Sublime Concerto (which i believe is slightly different scent) in the original tallow formula. Have found other WK scents that i prefer, so will be trading/selling it if anyone is interested shoot me a PM.

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