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Just tried the newly released Lav Sublime DM version. Bottom line? Another winner from WK. Fantastic smell. Lime forward...evolves into nice lavender, lime mix. The two scents are complementary and work VERY nicely together. The great part for me is true to it's name...Sublime...it is thankfully not a strong, overbearing scent. Much more mellow and laid back than a typical WK scent which to my nose can border on a too strong of an overbearing cologne scent. To me, the scent intensity is just right....very balanced and refreshing. Performance? Typical (for me anyway with WK DM) A+ on alll criteria. If you like lime and floral/lavender I think you’ll enjoy this one as a spring, summer or anytime scent. As always...YMMV..

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I really like the simpler scents and this combo is outstanding on all fronts. Beautiful EO lavender/lime mix in a top tier soap base. The gentle scent is indeed sublime as frenchy mentions above. Wonderful soap on all counts!

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