Hey guys, I joined a while back but never introduced myself. I am a member of a couple other sites, but this place looks solid, it’s good to have diversitySmile. Anyways, glad to see some old faces here.

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Welcome to DFS!
- Jeff
Welcome. Smile
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Welcome to DFS, tsimmns !

How long have you been into traditional wet shaving? Do you have a preferred set-up?
Hey Blade, I’ve been into this since about 2012 or so when I really got into acquisition disorders. Around 2014 I stopped due to a few deployments, but here I am again. It seems so many new products have emerged since I’ve been gone. My last setup with a Mongoose with a Somerset Duke 3 in best. But at the moment, I’ve been loving the two synthetics I got from Nathan Clark. One from the BSW III (that I didn’t attend) and his 8 ball brush. Both have the Black Wolf knot and are both new to me. I never had a Plisson type, but I may end up getting the Bruce handle off IB to try. I’m also loving his soaps he makes as I asked when I got the razors for him to bill me for all the soap scents he has, 6 total I think. I’ve also just ordered a OneBlade, since I can return it if I don’t love it along with some Proraso Woods and Spice. To top it off, my AS of choice is Kramperts. Frostbite in the summer and Bay Rum in the winter. Although while i was using carts the aftershave was AAFES branded and it wasn’t that bad for something you can get on a military base

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Welcome to DFS and enjoy your stay. Smile

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Great to have you with us!

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Welcome aboard

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Welcome to a familiar name! The Big Bruce is a great everyday synthetic that builds lather as well as anything...and what a price.

As you hang around a bit you’ll notice Wholly Kaw and GroomingDept sneaking into your mailbox. Wink

Welcome to Damn Fine Shave, Simm.
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