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I know it’s nothing compared to some of the beauties you guys have. But still wanted to show off my new Shavemac after it’s first bloom. 24x48 fan 2-band silvertip in a brown and beige barber handle. This is my 4th Shavemac and I think I finally got the dimensions how I want them. 

[Image: coXUupe.jpg]

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Very nice!

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Very good looking brush, hope it treats you well. Glade you got what you wanted.
Happy shaves

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I own 14 German brushes 7 of which are Shavemac 4 Wiborg and 3 Thater.  You made a good choice.  I have always liked Shavemac brushes for their performance and quality.  However, I generally prefer 26mm and 28mm. I also have various loft sizes and use them based on what soap or cream I am using.  Your brush is really nice.

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That looks great, thanks for sharing and many happy shaves!
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Elizabethtown, KY
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Thanks all. Here’s the line up for tomorrow. 

[Image: eT9kJnd.jpg]

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