my son has a nice full beard.  he wants to really take care of it.  he wants to know what products people here would recommend.  thanks so much!

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I like my Ox Horn and sandalwood comb or just a sandalwood comb.  I need a pretty good gap to get through.  I will never use a plastic comb.  TJX and Ross always seem to have some kinds of beard stuff on clearance - at least near me - (neck ties and boxers also don’t do well near me).  Especially after the gift giving holidays.  Some brands never heard of and some name brands.  I have picked up beard shampoo, beard balm and beard oil sometimes on double clearance.  Beard shampoo is nice to use and is non drying.  I use it once or twice a week.  I use beard oil after every shower and brush it in with a boar brush.  If I ever run out of beard oil - I am going to make it myself.  There is a re-fill store that sells the oil from bulk containers near me along with essential oils.  I am saving the bottles for the project!  Beard oil is nice if you are going to have a long beard.  Ok to get a beard trim by a pro every once in a while.  If you see a guy with a nice shape beard ask him where he goes to have it trimmed.  Many are dyi; but some barbers have interest in beards. Think through if you want to commit to shave cheeks and/or neck lines.  I did not.  Enjoy it; not all can grow full beards.

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I’ve tried several different beard oils over the years on my winter beard and never really been happy until last year when I tried some Captain Fawcett. Here’s their website but I think you can find it on Amazon too. Decent scent. I’ve got Barberism and Booze and Baccy 


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Quote:my son has a beard...
Oh dear. 
Are they sure?  Winking

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Awesome! I will have to try out some of those recommended beard oils as well!
A good razor is all you need.  Angel

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Boar brushes, brass razors, and hard pucks ARE traditional wet shaving. Everything else is modern day fluff for the girly men.

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