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Hello all,

It's been some time since I've made my own post. I'm usually a stalker of the brush forum, and the BST forum, and try to add in a comment where I think it would be helpful. This post is simply to share my Simpson brushes that I've collected over the years. I didn't want to drag it out over several photos, and did my best to put it all in one photo. Sometimes my energy is low and if I didn't just post it as-is, I might never get it up. While I love all the makers and their respective brushes, Simpson brushes hold a special place for me in my heart with the range of knot types and handles that can be had along with the engraving of a name with the handle. For me it is the full package, and I love the brushes whether in Pure, Best, 3-band Super, 2-band Super, Manchurian, or whatever else can come up. I hope the picture is enough to show the brushes mostly. I know some got blocked out of view a bit.

Top row L to R: Major Super, Captain 2 Best, Polo 8 Super, M7 Briarwood Manchurian (Ben74's old M7, absolute beauty!), Harvard 6 Best, Persian Jar 3 Best Pre-fix (maybe older), Persian Jar 3 Super Pre-fix, 58 Best, Tulip 4 Super, Tulip 3 Strawberry Swirl Manchurian

Second row down L to R: Key Hole 4 Best, Emperor 2 Super, Emperor 1 Super, Colonel X2L Best, M6 Manchurian, Milk Churn 2 Best, Chubby 3 Super Pre-fix, Chubby 3 Manchurian Candy Stripe, Chubby 2 Manchurian Amber, Chubby 2 2-band Silvertip in Black Marble, Chubby 2 2-band Silvertip (Same grade as 2-band Super)

Third row down L to R: Chubby 2 Super, Chubby 2 Best, Chubby 2 Synthetic, Chubby 1 Super, Beaufort 3 Pure, Special Best, Duke 3 Manchurian Walnut, Duke 2 Jubilee Manchurian, Duke 1 Best, Eagle 3 Pure, Commodore X2 (Likely 2-band)

Fourth row down L to R: Rover Best, P8 Best, Berkeley 46 Best, Classic 2 Best, Vintage Special Boar, Case Best

Last row: Wee Scot ivory Best with his Wee Scot Tortoiseshell Best brother

[Image: Rgnb6Ho.jpg]

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Beautiful collection and thank you for sharing the photo. Happy2

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Great post and picture. Love the center Persian Jars in the middle of the top row. Although I don't have any Simpson's that I have kept, there were a few special ones I am happy passed through my hands. They have done England/GB well. Enjoy the vast variety in rotation Koosh!

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That photo is amazing to behold. Thanks for taking the time to post, that’s an image that will not leave my mind anytime soon.
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Thanks for sharing.
Thank you all for the compliments. I greatly appreciate them!

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Beautiful collection - thanks for sharing!

Do you have a favorite?
I do have some favorites, but what I reach for does change with time.

Right now I've been reaching for larger handles. I quite like the Chubby line, and honestly I could stick in that line almost exclusively and not be bored. The Pre-fix Chubby 3 Super is one of my favorites there. Soft, soft tips with just a bit of massage at the tips, and a wonderful looking handle. I like the modern Chubby brushes, but I like the curves on this one particularly.

If I'm looking for a small compact knot for a luxurious shave, I'm well served with the two Emperors due to the extra handle length, but even the Case, Berkeley, and Major would be excellent.

You don't see a lot of Milk Churns out there, and I love the handle shape. I've considered getting a much larger handle of this at times, and already did that with the Rover with an extra dense WSP 2-band knot.

The Eagle 3 is a good example of the type of fan knots I like from Simpson, and the Pure in this brush is quite soft while still having a bit of a massaging effect. Really a great brush for when I'm looking for something sort of similar to the Manchurians or 2-band Supers, but would like a bit less density.

Perhaps my favorite is the M7 that used to belong to Ben74. I hadn't realized it until tonight and responding to questions that over half of my Simpson brushes I am not the original owner of! 23/40 to be exact. It doesn't bother me one bit as several of my brushes that get comments are those that used to belong to someone else. It's sort of a statement piece to me in it is absolute perfection to me, and I'd never have it had I not purchased used. I'm starting to consider myself the brush adopter as I have so many brushes from someone else's den. lol

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Great collection!

Amazing collection and that Candy Stripe Manchurian looks brand new.
Brushes. I can't stop buying brushes.

BTW have any brushes???

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