This is a used twice Muhle Rocca R96 DE razor. Price is $120.00 delivered in the USA and payment via PayPal (fees included).

[Image: Xi9km0m.jpg]
[Image: oNl2ivj.jpg]
[Image: 1wfLhVg.jpg]

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Im interested. How does this razor compare to the r89 and the r41? Would you say it is a mild, medium, or aggressive razor?
It's more aggressive than the R89 but less so compared to an R41. Lies somewhere in between leaning toward the R89. Overall build quality is much higher than other Muhle DE's (all stainless steel). I'd call it Medium+ if the R89 is "Medium."

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I've got that same razor. It's in my top 3 with a Timeless 68 and a Fatip. IMO shaves much closer than an R89. GLWTS

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