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I started shaving with with a DE Razor in 1961 and between then and 2006 tried everything between a single edge to cartridge and even an electric razor. Since 2006 I have exclusively been shaving with a DE razor but never tried Mitchell's Wool Fat. Recently I ordered a puck and from Connaught Shaving which i tried today for the first time. May main concern was the ability to create a suitable lather, but on my first try without any out of the ordinary preparation, I was surprised how effortlessly I created a fantastic lather as easy as any other soap or cream I have ever used. I should mention that I do have soft water apparently is a big factor in my favor.  I created the lather with a Rooney Super Silver Tip Badger brush and will try other brushes with future shaves. Never the less the shave was simply superb with Mitchell's Wool Fat. Just after one try, MWF will certainly be forever in my rotation and based on my first experience is now my go to soap. Still have a few other soaps to use up but will certainly try to speed this process up to get to the MWF for use on a more regular basis without totally neglecting my other soaps. Being so easy to create a great lather which is very cushioning and slick, it leaves my face feeling great after shaving. This may not be great for others but for me, this is the best in all my years of shaving that I have ever used. Why did I wait so many years to try???

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