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[Image: AHRTmKt.jpg]Nick from Maseto made me a custom brush that reduced the 54mm loft down to 45mm. Being a face latherer this brush is excellent! I've bought several brushes from him on eBay but this is my favorite.

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Congratulations and I have gotten a few custom stand-alone knots from Nick and they are superb, especially, for the money.

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Looks like a beast. What size knot is that, 28mm?

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(Deleted, wrong place)

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24mm extra dense knot

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I was trying to clean my 30mm Fan Maseto, but I made it gel-tips and hooks by mistake.

[Image: 1569041521330.jpg]

[Image: 1569041521296.jpg]

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Play with 26mm Maseto Bulb too:
[Image: Maseto26mm.jpg]

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