Which blade gap do you recommend? Any experiences with this would be helpful. Big Grin

I’ve got a .95 Blade Gap scalloped OC that I’m really happy with. This is one of my go to Razors, I get an efficient and smooth shave with it and I think the fit and finish are very nice. I pair it with the 85mm Barber Pole Handle, and I really enjoy it. I much prefer the 85mm handles over the 100mm. Their dimpled 85mm is also a very nice handle that I’ve had in the past before the 85mm Barber Pole came out. For me I don’t think I could shave with it daily without irritation, but for two or three days growth it works great. If I were looking for a Razor I could shave with daily I would try the .68 OC. I just recommended this set up to a buddy at work that was looking for a nice daily driver. I really like that they have a 30 day guarantee as well, if you don’t like it or wanted to try the Scalloped base plate etc. you can just send it back. That’s great customer service.

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I have the Bronze and it's quite nice.
To be vintage it must be older than me!
The last razor I bought was the next to last razor I will ever buy!

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Depends on your beard type. Timeless makes a mockery of how most contemplate blade gap and skin irritation. For example on a Wolfman build, anything over 0,61 would shred my skin with a quality Polsilver or Feather but a 0,68 OC Timeless is frankly too mild even everyday. With coarse and patchy beard, require 0,95OC but most surprising, it isn’t much more irritating than a V1 One Blade known for being mild.

Handles are another matter and subject to whims of personalities. Find the fancy deco shapes awkward and slippy much preferring classics: knurled and barberpole for practical grip properties especially wet. Finally long handles give uptions much as baseball bats or tennis rackets. Simply choke grip if wanting less leverage trumps insufficient available handle anyday from my perspective
I have the .95 SB and it is my favorite razor. It is very efficient but also very smooth. Nowhere near as aggressive feeling as the Wunderbar for example.
I've had a 0.68 scalloped for about 3 months and received a 0.95 SB for Xmas. I agree it will depend on your beard type as to which you would eventually prefer but here's a couple thoughts for you to ponder.

Obviously, I haven't had enough experience with the 0.95 yet (only 3 shaves so far), but I do find it to be very efficient and smooth. As matter of fact, yesterday's shave with a 1st-use GSB was one of the best shaves I've ever had - 3 pass shave with some clean-up on the neck and chin resulted in an irritation-free and ultra-smooth finish. 24 hours later and I feel like I could easily use that razor again so it could be a daily driver for some. If it helps, IMO, the 0.95 is not as aggressive as the Blackbird SB.

The 0.68 scalloped could easily be a daily driver. I find it to be more than efficient and very smooth. Certainly milder than the 0.95 but that's what allows it to be the daily driver. Certainly not mild enough that it requires more than 3 passes of lots of clean-up passes - which was my experience with the Feather AS-D2 I've used it about 20 times now and each shave has been very comfortable and results in a close, nearly irritation-free shave.

If you are looking for a daily driver, my suggestion would be to go with the 0.68 gap, unless you have a thick coarse beard, then maybe go with the 0.95. Honestly, either way, I doubt you'll be disappointed.

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I have a thick, coarse beard. I’ve owned a Timeless .68 scalloped and it was an incredible razor. But once I tried the .95 SB, I was hooked - so smooth and efficient. I also have a .95 DC with the pineapple handle. I’ve used dozens of modern and vintage razors. These Timeless razors have ended my RAD.
If you prefer mild razors I would go with the bronze, if you like mild to mid aggressiveness I’d get a .68 dual comb, if you are more of the 7-9 level on a Gillette adjustable or 5-6 on a Rockwell I’d get the .95 dual comb. I’d also email or call Matt at Timeless and tell him what you like now and he will guide you

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Went with the .95 gap and barberpole shorter handle. Scalloped head and solid bar base plate.

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Looks like a fine setup you've ordered. Please share your thoughts after it arrives and you've experienced it.

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