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One of my favorite handles is the old Klenzo B895. The originals don’t lend themselves to knots over about 22 mm.
I’m looking for a brushmaker to reproduce the B895, only 15 or 20% larger so a 26 mm knot looks proportionate.

So, I’m looking for recommendations for a skilled brushmaker to accept such a commission. Recommendations please.


Saint Louis, MO
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Sounds right up Rudy Vey's alley. Shavemac does a ton of shapes and customs too. Wolf Whiskers too, but there is a long wait list that is tricky to catch open. Found a post where Peter at Wolf Whiskers has done exactly what you are looking for, but I would trust Rudy and Bernd as well.

Let me know what you decide and if you commission one. I would be interested in that shape.
The guy who seems to specialize in recreating vintage shapes is Leo Friliot.  Look him up on Instagram.

I have a Klenzo B895 that I reknotted with a 23mm Mühle STF knot. It’s my travel brush. It’s a great little handle. Good luck

[Image: 39-C76-EC0-37-A0-4-C5-B-AB15-63-A56-F9-F6-B0-F.jpg]

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I second Rudy Vey. He does nice work quickly and for a reasonable price.
+ 1 for Leo. He does amazing work.

Saint Louis, MO
Looks like Brad Sears might do it as well. I've got a number of his brushes (M&F too) and he does great work. However, I've seen more of his designs and haven't seen him recreate a shape. But I have no doubt he would do an amazing job.

Des Moines, IA
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Thanks for the suggestions.  I've got a message out and a preliminary sketch.  

The new brush will get an Elite Manchurian knot that I've had for several months.

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