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Austin, Tx
I've read an endless amount of shaving threads over years, however, I can't remember any with the same amount of beauty as this one.

Haim Brudiu had fantastic taste in shaving razors along with an impressive pair of boots. It is wonderful to know you've found his razor.

Toronto, Ont. Canada
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The photo of my grandfather was taken about 1885 in Romania. He was 25 years old and probably used a straight razor.
He never talked about his time in the military but I presume boots with spurs were were used by the cavalry.

After many setbacks and hardships including pogroms and tragedies and the death of a daughter and the loss of one leg he prevailed. He lived the last five years of his life with my parents and my brother and I in Toronto. He was much loved by us. I believe my parents gave him that razor when he moved in with us. He died in 1944.

He left his family of five children a powerful legacy of art and music and tolerance as well as love and respect for the aboriginal people who befriended his then family of three when they arrived as pioneers in what was at the time The Northwest Territories in about 1901.

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Austin, Tx
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Indeed what a colorful & fascinating character; thank you, Mickey, for sharing this story. It made me smile & fall deep into memories of my own grandfather.

It also made me thankful that I've been able to enjoy my life without escaping ethnic persecution &/or bushwacking through a harsh northern environment. Largely, I've experienced life from the comfort of my couch. Much of this is due to my ancestors hard work & sacrifices settling north america during that same time period.

Certainly it is a different set of challenges we face today.. you know, like deciding which brand of razor blade to use in a new razor.
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Hi Mickey, I'm glad you were able to find that special razor. I'm wondering if you may possibly be considering a restoration? If you are I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris Evatt at http://www.razorplate.com Chris is a true gentleman and very skilled in razor restoration. He has restored several razors for me including a 1952 Gillette Ambassador that was my fathers. He received it as a presentation gift from the President of the Anglo-Canadian Wire Rope Company when he had been spending time there doing an audit back in the 50s. He was a Chartered Accountant for Price Waterhouse at the time. The President either took a shine to him or thought he could use a decent shave so he gave him a razor. By the time I got it a couple of years ago it had definitely seen better days but through the efforts of Chris at Razorplate the razor was restored to its original beauty. If you have any plan to restore that razor I think you ought to contact Chris. As expected with the one man shop, day job, family and in demand you're looking at a wait and if Chris is also very clear about what is possible or not possible when it comes to restoring a razor as sometimes the wear and damage are too severe to repair.

Toronto, Ont. Canada
Thank you Marko.
I have considered professional restoration and will most certainly follow your advice if I take that route. Despite looking rather drab it is in good physical condition. There are several non harmful things I want to try to restore the shine if it can be restored. Then I must make a decision.
Meanwhile I am going to print your letter and store it in my Eclipse folder.

I used to restore old and antique cameras before arthritis got hold of my hands.
There was always a question in my mind whether an antique should be prevented from further deterioration but left looking like an antique or should it be made to look like it was freshly manufactured. The decision often depended upon its history.

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Mickey, you're welcome. Chris is really a super fellow - I had an exchange with him over the weekend because I inquired about the possibility of plating the Rockwell 6s. Its really such a nice shaver but not all that attractive and the newer 6c is shiny but make of plated zamak. Chris not only gave me the scientific explanation of why stainless steel is generally unsuitable for plating but referred me to a couple of individuals who do ceramic coating which apparently is suitable for stainless steel. In any case I happened to mention your razor to him and his words were:

"Your friend has scored a nice one - with an Eclipse Red Ring. They are beautiful razors and perform very well. They are getting harder to find and the prices are pretty steep for nice ones."

I think they are excellent candidates for restoration. If you were to contact Chris about the possibility of a restoration I'm sure he would be very helpful in giving you dos and don'ts for doing your own clean up of the razor. You want to ensure you don't do anything harmful. I've found Chris to be very helpful in sharing his wealth of knowledge and I've posted (with his permission) on DFS some of his tips for maintaining vintage razors. I'll dig up the link to that pot and provide it here for you.


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Here is the link I referred to - I see you were the first responder to the post so you probably already know this.


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