Hello folks
Today Ive recieved another mailcall from AD.
The 1.6 OC baseplate and the all new 1.8 SB/OC baseplate - Ive ordered directly on release day so I think I might be one of the first.
I now have a 1.6 TI Version + baseplates in brass 1.4OC, 1.6OC, 1.8OC/SB.
Its still smooth on the 1.8 with its small exposure.
Overall one of my or actual my fav razor.[Image: fK6N6ga.jpg][Image: F4oashM.jpg][Image: VpXSrfH.jpg]

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[Image: Pd7RcGS.jpg]
Still in love with this razor - did someone else bought it?
Feels like it doesnt get much attention nowdays

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I have Le Maurice 1.0 in SS. I am a fan of the razor. It provides an enjoyable shave for me.

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