What’s your factories scents from these two brands. Looking at buying one of each, preferable the one with Donkey Milk from Wholly Kaw.
I don't have either but just ordered the unscented L&L to match with vintage AS. Trying to find a matching soap with ever AS I have is getting expensive. Also, most times the soap scent goes away after shaving and rinsing. The bison tallow sounds like a winner.

End of this month WK has a leather scent that sounds great being released. I plan on getting that soap to match with my vintage leather splashes from Shulton and MEM.

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L&L Darkfall/ Bandwagon

Wholly Kaw: Fougere Boquet/ Merchant of Tobacco
Champe de Lavande shave soap and aftershave
These are my top 2 and I don’t think you’ll regret getting some. Performance and scent are just top notch. It’s hard to pick a single favorite. I’ll list one LImited Edition/Seasonal and one ongoing. For L&L, I’d say Darkfall and Trismegistus. For WhollyKaw, I’d say Dance of Agrumes and Dark Vetiver.
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All of them. You can't go wrong whatever you pick. My favourite L&Ls are the Chatillon Lux scented ones, Blackberry Blossom Bay and for WK probably Rose Chypre Concerto.

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I was hestitant to order Merchant of Tobacco as I am not all that keen on tobacco scents. I personally love it as I get the cocoa, vanilla, pepper and honey scents which round out the tobacco and bourbon beautifully.

Unique scent and oh....that Donkey Milk! Happy2

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VTMAX, I’m hesitant on ordering the Merchant of Tobacco also. The only real Tobacco soap I have ever used was Tabac and I hated the smell of it. Does this smell anything like it? If so it’s definitely not for me. I currently have the Monaco Royale one sitting in my cart at Maggards along with L&L Fougere. I’ll wait and hear back from you before possibly adding Mercahnt of Tobacco also.

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These two soap brands are amazing.

My favorites from them:
L&L Grooming: Cuir et Épices
WhollyKaw: Dance of Agrumes (since that’s a special edition, my second-favorite is Jamestown Gentleman)
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Jamestown Gentleman sounds like a great scent, shame it doesn’t come in the Donkey Milk version.

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