I got this cream called Knightsbridge Bergamot shave cream from Amazon and I love it. This has the best scent of Bergamot, Neroli, Lemon, and a dash of petitgrain, and smells wonderful during the shave.  I wish it lingered a bit longer, but it rinses away, which I suppose is by design as to not interfere with your AS.  It was really inexpensive and I compare it to Trumper's performance-wise.  It's a really creamy, and thirsty cream, but I mean that in a good way.  Just a pea sized amount gave me more lather than I could use, and it was whipped cream!  I could have added more water, but TBH didn't need any more lather and it was already exploding off the brush.

You folks should give this one a go, and see what your experiences are with it.  It is in my top 4 creams.

I love it too - great stuff!

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