Buckner, Missouri
We are committed to providing the highest quality shaving soaps to the wet shaving community, both seasoned wet shavers and newcomers, at a fair and reasonable cost.

We are a veteran owned and operated company endeavoring to bring and maintain economic stability and growth to the region. Our goal is moderate growth with economic stability. We strive to become a regionally recognized brand name focusing on the sustained and growing interest in traditional wet shaving. Our goal is annual profitability and moderate growth.

At Jeeves of Hudson Street LLC we think of ourselves as partners with our community, customers, employees, and environment. Our shaving soaps are carefully formulated using the best quality ingredients to provide highly distinguished products for your grooming needs.

All of our shaving soaps are hand made in the United States of America and are designed to be used with both face lathering and bowl lathering techniques. We seek to provide an elevated standard of personal care by promoting the relaxing and enjoyable experience wet shaving has to offer because we believe in enjoying the little pleasures life has to offer.

Vancouver, BC
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Welcome to DFS! I believe I met you at the Maggard's meet up last year, but I don't remember your name. My apologies. We talked briefly about mustache wax I think. I hope all is well and maybe I'll see you at the meet this year.
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Welcome, looking forward to purchasing several soaps.

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