For those of you that do not know me personally I have a great fondness for observing people and their petty ways. Example Michael Jordan brings the guy who made the high school team above him to his Hall of Fame induction to essentially say look at me now.

I go to an estate sale that does not have much of anything. I find a Century brush in really good shape.

[Image: 40eafe9420d65f2b2cb37848cb45488b.jpg]

However that does not compare to the little spat between 2 other patrons. Guy 1 puts a hammer on table and asks Seller 1 to hold it for him (I was not around for this exchange). As I walk to the register Guy 2 comes along and asks who does the hammer belong to. Seller 2 is at the register and has no clue about the previous arrangement, has no clue about the hammer and sells the hammer. Guy 2 has a large bill and Seller 2 does not have change. Seller 2 asks Seller 1 for change, Guy 2 walks away to look more while waiting for change. Guy 1 comes along and says that's my hammer (I immediately start to laugh). Guy 1 says to Seller 1 I gave that to you to hold. Seller 1 responds with you went back inside so I thought you didn't want it. Seller 1 only provides enough change to seller 2 for the purchase of the hammer even though he has a large wad of cash. As Guy 2 returns Guy 1 says to him, "That is my hammer." Guy 2 responds with, "I have paid for it now so it is mine." Guy 1 says, "Are you ok with that? What kind of man does that make you?" Guy 2, "Yes I am ok and I am the man with the hammer." He leaves. I could not stop laughing.

Nothing exciting happened at the other sale where I grabbed a Goodwill and a nearly flawless Plymouth brush.

[Image: 56a199bd7cc644137c5a1971db4a4f84.jpg]

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So now we are thinking about Michael Jordan and still don't know the name of his guest. What has he done with his life; happy marriage, career outside of tossing balls around on and off court, social contributions? We are separated from our closest relatives, chimpanzees by only a tiny percentile of DNA. They spend a small part of their day eating food and
the bulk of their social interaction putting one another down in complex social hierarchies and trying to procreate. This was lost on the TA leading the discussion segment of my Physical Anthropology class as he hit on my GF while wowing us with why opposable thumbs were an adaptation to facilitate tools like that hammer. I countered with my own theory; postulating opposable thumbs allowed for the formation of a clenched fist useful in punching out teeth of an opponent who bites. He got the message. The Swedish student did not, making opportunity to reject my idea as product of another Vietnam baby killer. I recently discovered she published an article in a dry physical anthropology journal; advancing her new theory opposable thumbs were an adaptation to form fists for fighting. If possible, I'd fly to Stockholm, bash her head in with a complex tool like said hammer and plead PTSD from killing babies in the Coast Guard..

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*Terence* thanks for sharing a very humorous tale. Never a dull moment in the battlefield of early summer yard sales!

As for punching out the teeth of lesser men and bashing in the skulls of women with hammers...I'll leave that pettiness to others. I prefer to let lesser men sulk as I stroll away with the prize on my arm, and to treat women with respect and kindness, even if they don't deserve it. It just seems right to me, but what do I know? I leave the house without shaving every day, which makes me only slightly less vile than the Great Apes from whence I've evolved...
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Chris, it's called humor. You know; the guy who used to deliver icecream?

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For some reason, I don't find any of this humorous. So far, the only cool thing I've gotten from this thread is photos of some great and interesting shaving gear.

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(05-16-2017, 05:15 PM)KAV Wrote: Chris, it's called humor. You know; the guy who used to deliver icecream?

I think you mean "Good Humour", which positively does not apply to your post...

Humour would normally be something that causes a smile or faint giggle, not something which renders images of defenseless women having their skulls smashed with a hammer because of some perceived transgression of 40 years past which truly did not matter, then or now...

But again...that's just me...

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-Chris~Head Shaver~

Wow, that Rolls razor looks brand new! Nice score!

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My spellcheque programme automatically corrects the spelling I learned by the three years grace of her Majesty's Anglican Church School and I missed the Americanised humor correction. And that, was all intended and hardly a new genre of my native invention often referred to as 'black humor' no ethnic slur intended either. Nor do I object any indulgence of missing shaves, although people with a wardrobe of shoulder chips are a cautionary tale for Librarians in Alexandria driving past Christian mobs armed with roofing tiles.
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I noticed something else. Only a dollar for the Fatboy, but 3 bucks for the old crusty tube of Colgate shaving cream? Wtf? Haha.

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- Jeff

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(05-16-2017, 06:48 PM)wyze0ne Wrote: I noticed something else. Only a dollar for the Fatboy, but 3 bucks for the old crusty tube of Colgate shaving cream? Wtf? Haha.

To be fair, the shop owner likely thought the cream still useable and the razor too obscure for purpose...
-Chris~Head Shaver~

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