Hi everyone, a bit of a late introduction, but here goes..I'm from the U.K, and I've been 'seriously' wet shaving for about 10 years. I love shaving with a straight, there really is nothing like it, but it's not something I'll do if I'm feeling rushed, so I mainly DE shave due to the  fact that it's a little more straight forward, and save the str8's for 'zen time'.  Like many, I used to buy just about every soap going, and I've had some fantastic shaves with some of the most amazing lathers, but never realised why my face would feel so hit or miss, until I tried Mike's Natural Soaps, and the penny dropped. So now, I only use a couple of soaps that I know suit my face, and the rest get thrown into a 'Frankensoap' for my head. Like I always say, shaving should be enjoyed, not endured. Likewise with A/S.. now it's a splash of witch hazel, followed by a tiny dab of jojoba oil, if I really need it. I guess experience teaches you that less is in fact more. Still, I do like to try new soaps, and blades, and razors, and brushes... oh heck, does it ever end? Anyway, it's a pleasure to be here, and hopefully I can offer some helpful info, now and again, and I hope to pick up some tips for myself.. well, you never stop learning, do you?

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Surrey, UK
Welcome to DFS, from another UK member.

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Welcome from another UK member Smile

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Welcome! Smile

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Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart

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Welcome, Str8 Shaver; it's great to have you here.  We have quite a few members from all over the U.K. and some of our members are quite into straight shaving so there should be plenty of interest for you.

By the way, I love your avatar. Smile

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Welcome to DFS!

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- Jeff

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Welcome to DFS Str8 Shaver

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Welcome to DFS!

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Str8 Shaver,

"Anyway, it's a pleasure to be here..."

It's a pleasure to have you here.


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