Hello Gents,

I am Richard, 49, both French and Canadian citizen, and I've been using a DE since 2014, so I gave up my 15 blade turbo lunar psychedelic Gilette Razor for a Mühle R89 and a vintage Gillette Tech.
My cream and soaps are: Wickham 1912 Club Cola, DR Harris Arlington, Trumper Violet and soon, I shall receive the Cella in the 150 ml tub, which seems to be very good.
Thanks very much indeed and see you soon on the forum for SOTDs and +! Smile
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Bienvenue, Richard. Smile
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Welcome Richard. It's good to have a fellow Montrealer on board.

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Welcome to DFS!
- Jeff

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Bienvenue, Richard. It's good to have you here. Smile

I love the description of the cartridge razor you got rid of. Winking

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Richard, great of you to join us here on DFS!
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Welcome to Damn Fine Shave, Richard.

Does that mean that you speak both English and French?
Shaving with a DE razor is easier than you think.

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Welcome to DFS!

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Welcome to the forum and enjoy.

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