Hello from Israel!
Avner from northern Israel.
2 years into wet shaving and addicted

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Welcome to DFS !

Shave Maharaja
Welcome to DFS ! Enjoy your stay here!
And they told me "try wet shaving, it saves money!" Big Grin

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Welcome to DFS, Avner. Enjoy the site. Smile

Vancouver, BC
Welcome. Smile
Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart

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Hello Avner, welcome to DFS. We're happy to see you here and remember, you're in the company of fellow addicts.Big Grin

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Welcome to DFS, Avner!

As Marko said, you are in good company here. I'm 3.5 years into this and am hopelessly addicted. My wife uses the term "obsessed." Who, me? lol

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Hello and welcome!
Welcome ro DFS!!

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