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Heritage Collection is making vintage reproductions of old brushes: https://heritagecollectionshaving.com/

I first saw these on instagram and some of them are gorgeous. I'll likely pick up a few myself!

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I think these are great-looking handles, really haven't heard any reviews about them other than the video that Ruds did with a boar knot.
It looks like their knot options have changed (I believe they were offering a 'regular' 2-band and now its higher end 'SHD' knots).
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Thanks for posting this, good looking brushes. Subscribed because I know I'll forget where the link is!
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I've got an ER-200 with a 2-band SHD, with a "stair-step" 3-band on the way. My 2-band developed crazy gel-tips after the first use. It's one of my favorite brushes. Neil's got a great product with even better customer service.

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I have a ER 200 with a synthetic knot , great brush
There’s a bunch of these in different handle shapes and colors in stock at West Coast Shaving right now if anyone was looking for one.
I've got one on the wishlist.
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I pulled the trigger on one of these Heritage Collection brushes from West Coast Shaving... And while it’s only my early impression, thus far, I have to say, I am seriously impressed! The handles are pretty good but imo they aren’t going to match a Paladin, Dogwood, or any other top artisan turning handles, nor are they supposed to, as these handles are after all reproductions and Heritage does a great job of that! But where this brush really impresses me (aside from the attention to detail and re-creation of the original vintage versions) is with the knot! I purposely selected a bulb knot in their 2band “Heritage Gel”... And immediately, I can tell this is a high quality knot! I gave it 2 washes thus far and it feels great... very soft with tons of gooey gel tips but also with a lot of backbone. The only brush I have that gels more than this is my Declaration Grooming B1. I took some pics for you guys to view... The pics are while I was first washing the brush upon opening the package and then after performing a quick “drying” with the towel. I’ll have to attach another pic so you can see it once it’s completely dry. Also, something else that I found a little unusual, this is the first badger brush I can ever recall having that didn’t shed a single hair upon washing/drying (knock on wood)... Not only did it lose absolutely no hairs, it has absolutely no animal funk. So overall, if there’s anyone considering buying one of these, I’d highly recommend it, especially at $100... The knot appears as good as anything out there and better than most. I’m pretty high on it, probably because I wasn’t expecting all that much from it... But I think this could turn out to be a favorite! I’ll comment once I actually use it a few times. 

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As far as I remember he is using OUMO knots for his brushes.
Nice... that’s good information to know, so I appreciate the comment. I do, however, wonder if Heritage Collection does the sterilization process themselves... And I only inquire about that because the OUMO knot I used was not nearly as gel-like as this knot; secondly, Heritage guarantees that every one of their “Heritage Gel” knots will have gel tips... That makes me wonder if they’re doing the sterilization process on  their own. Same with their “Gel tip” boar which I believe is an Omega knot... I’m assuming Heritage is doing the sterilization to give it “Gel tips” which basically for a boar just seems to increase the splitting of the tips, the clumping, and overall making the boar ready for use pretty much right away.

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