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Heritage Collection is making vintage reproductions of old brushes:

I first saw these on instagram and some of them are gorgeous. I'll likely pick up a few myself!

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I think these are great-looking handles, really haven't heard any reviews about them other than the video that Ruds did with a boar knot.
It looks like their knot options have changed (I believe they were offering a 'regular' 2-band and now its higher end 'SHD' knots).
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Thanks for posting this, good looking brushes. Subscribed because I know I'll forget where the link is!
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I've got an ER-200 with a 2-band SHD, with a "stair-step" 3-band on the way. My 2-band developed crazy gel-tips after the first use. It's one of my favorite brushes. Neil's got a great product with even better customer service.

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