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Idaho Falls, Idaho
Evening Gents: I love the scent of Cyril Salters French Vetiver but I really much prefer soaps. Can anyone steer me to a dirty, smoky, raw vetiver soap that rivals the Salters cream scent?

I have used Salters, but have never used their vetiver. The vetiver soap I enjoy most is MdC Vetyver. I know the up front cost is high, but it will last you close to forever. Not only is the scent divine, but the performance has not yet been exceeded--although I keep adding to the den, just to make sure...

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I enjoy the Stirling R4L which is based on Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, and A&E Vetiver Magnifique. The A&E is a cleaner Vetiver type scent but it is a great product and pairs well with Guerlain Vetiver if you like that scent. I would like to try Fine Green Vetiver, I have the splash and it is a great smoky Vetiver scent. I haven’t tried Salters so I can’t compare for you.

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Clay Face
Honolulu, Hawaii
Unfortunately, I don't think anything rivals Salter's French Vetiver for dirty raw vetiver delight. It's absolutely rank and marvelous. But since you're looking for a soap with a dominant  vetiver scent, here are a few to sample. I've listed them alphabetically. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd probably go with Mike's:

  1. Cold River Soap Work's Morning Ghost: This is pretty soft. Some even consider it a cream. But it smells good and vertivery. Side notes include ho wood and amyris which give it a tart sort of citric smell.
  2. Fine Accoutrements Green Vetiver: This is a clone of Guerlain's modern Vetiver fragrance. It's a pale vetiver with an ample dose of citrus. There's some oak moss swimming around in it, too.
  3. First Canadian Grand Valley Vetiver: A disappointing interpretation of vetiver. I get mostly lemon and lime, and not very nice versions of either of these notes.
  4. L&L Grooming Marshlands: A spicy vetiver with chocolate notes and a fair bit of earthiness. Unfortunately, it's no longer available, though you may be able to find it in BST.
  5. Le Père Lucien Vetiver: This is my latest vetiver infatuation. It's a dressy version of vetiver with an almost equal amount of cedar. Cyril states that he uses both Indian and Javanese vetiver oils. It's not dirty in the slightest.
  6. Martin de Candre Vétyver: I only sampled this soap, so I can't really say how a whole tub smells. What I smelled was a very pale vetiver. In fact, I think I could taste the vetiver more than I could smell it. I did pick up notes of iodine and rubber, which are common to all of MdC's soaps.
  7. Mickey Lee Soapwork's Réunion: This is a bright vetiver with a big dose of sterilized oak moss. There's supposed to be some petrichor in the mix, but I don't smell it.
  8. Mike's Natural Soaps Vetiver: Not as raw as Salter, but still a down and dirty vetiver and little else. It has some nutty side notes and a little caramel sweetness that reminds me of Cracker Jacks.
  9. Mystic Water Vetiver & Oakmoss: This  smells a lot like real vetiver root, the kind you dig up in the back yard and then crush between your palms. Michelle has captured the root’s smokiness without plunging your head into a steaming burn barrel. It's fairly green, too. Sometimes it smells like an old lawnmower. I've always got remarkable shaves from this soap, though some find it difficult to lather.
  10. Stirling Soap Co. Port-au-Prince: If you take lemongrass with your vetiver and you don't mind smelling like these two pungent oils all day long, this may be your shave soap satori. I find it too strong and a bit short on smokiness.
  11. Wholly Kaw Vetivertal: This is a dusty vetiver accompanied by coriander, lemon, pepper, and cedar. My sample was not highly scented. It sort of smelled like old books.

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Idaho Falls, Idaho
Thanks fellas. I've got some ideas now.

Idaho Falls, Idaho
Bouki: it's obvious you love vetiver.

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This Saturday Declaration Grooming is dropping some soaps. One in particular you might be interested in, Dirtyver. I don't know if it's just a renamed Marshlands or if the scent will be slightly different, but it sounds right up your alley.

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- Jeff
WSP (Wet Shaving Products) Black Vetiver - Haitian vetiver, black pepper and tobacco absolute. This one is really nice.

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Charlie, I'd get Savon du Midi if you can find it. It's honestly one of the slickest and most protective soaps out there. French-made for a German company. Very enjoyable natural vetiver. Upbeat as opposed to the (IMO) usual downbeat... as if it has a faint hint of natural sweetness from the resin.

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Des Moines, IA
I am a vetiver junkie. And, I’ve tried many. Yo my knowledge there is not one that is in the same scent profile as Salters French Vetiver.

There are some very fine ones. Many have already been noted. But one like Salters? Not to my knowledge

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