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Hi guys,

My names is Tom and I'm from Houston, Texas. I'm new to wet shaving. Like most guys we've seen our father's and grandfather's DES and said those won't work in modern times. I was also afraid of slicing my throat open only with DEs, not multiple blades. I like a lot of guys own almost ten multiblades from over the years. But, they all just seem to find their way to the back of a drawer or box-still finding handles and those oh, so expense blades. I actually have been dealing with irritation for my whole shaving life. So, I've regressed to older more established manly arts, with the use of a single BIC disposable.

I arrived here by watching videos on wet shaving. I got to wet shaving from being on a cigar forum (also a newbie there 5 mths) when one of the members was giving away a razor/toothbrush stand. He sent the stand, a few DE blades and some cigars. I realized that the offer of the blades was his mistaken impression that I was a wet shaver. The key turning point was when I mentioned I was interested in how wet shaving worked and what would I need to do to experiment with wet shaving. He gave me a fistful of good advice and I decided to move forward. The only issue was I knew as much about wet shaving as a Martian. So, I went to YouTube and watched 20+ videos on wet shaving and it demystified it by watching guys hold detailed engaging conversations into a camera while wet shaving like a banshee. I was like ok, I know they are vets, and out of all of these "just do it" videos, only one guy nicked himself twice-I was sold.

So, being a college student I honestly could not afford a blade over $20. I was also warned not to get my razor from a drug store, Target, Walmart or As Seen On TV. Suprisingly, it was hard finding a new razor in my city. I went online and even the scratch and dent stuff was out of my price range. So I had to go local and nobody but Target had a razor-truth. A Van Der Hagen, which I wasn't sold on due to the short handle and how common it was. I also wanted options, but finding nothing locally, I had to reassess my plan for attack. I actually watched more videos, did online research (badgerandblade always came up when I requested reviews) to find bargin razor. I passed on ordering any thing from Asia. I had seen countless DE razors in thrift/resale stores over the last few years and passed over them because they were relics.

So, I found out that Sally's Beauty Supply carried a Shave Factory DE Safety razor. Which, when I compared side by side with the VDH, did look much different. It was $12.99 which was under my price point-hooray, and it wasn't reviewed to badly-remember, this is just an experiment. I have had brushes and pucks over the years, but they seemed pretentious using a Gillette 6 blade razor, so I tossed them-I was so lost, maybe even bat shit crazy. I actually want to go and shave, but after watching more videos I'm going to wait a few days to watch more videos and will pick up a discount brush and soap set I saw at Burlington that was under $8. I then will have the necessary basics, except for a syptic stick or alum block. I'm always a value shopper, so wet shaving like cigars can be expensive endeavor, but like golf (which I gave up after 2 weeks) I realized, this wet shaving experiment could be done in a week after starting-so not trying to break the bank with expensive or pricey products.

I hope you guys don't judge me adversely for being a value shopper when it comes to my wet shaving experience, so far. But, I actually would like to graduate to a straight razor eventually, but baby steps.

I look forward to learning more about wet shaving and meeting great people on this journey, along with a better shaving experience than I had so far.

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Welcome to DFS, Austinoire.  It's good to have you here.  

You will not be judged here.  We have opinions and we have folks with razors in every price range.  Mostly, we have people who want to help.  One of my all-time favorite DE razors is a STAR DE (they also made SE razors) from about the late 1940s or early 1950s.  I picked it up on eBay several years ago and think I paid about $8.00 for it.  Prices change, of course, but bargains can still be found.  Don't be afraid to consider an inexpensive vintage DE razor if it is in good condition.  Ask us before you purchase to see what some of our more experienced shavers think of what you are considering.

Also, the blades you use will have an impact on what your shave feels like.  Go to a place like Try A Blade (tryablade.com) and purchase a couple of each of several blades.  The cost won't be great and you can get an idea of just what will work for you.  Ask the folks here and you will get many different opinions about the same blade, from 'love it' to 'it's okay but there is better' to 'hate it'.  Blades are an extremely personal thing so, by all means, get advice here but at the end of the day you will have to make up your own mind through trial and error.

There are many techniques that I'm sure will be brought up for you but, first and foremost, use almost no pressure when shaving.  Let the weight of the razor do that for you.  Lastly, don't get discouraged.  We all had to start somewhere.  I am 70 years old, didn't start wet shaving until about eleven years ago and felt exactly as you do now.  It isn't that difficult and the rewards are wonderful.  If you are not sure about something, that's why we're here.

All the best on this new adventure and, again, welcome. Happy2

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Hi Tom,

Welcome to the site. I have a TON of family in Houston..probably north of 30 cousins and 8 or 9 aunts and uncles.

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Welcome to DFS! You will not be judged for being a value shopper, nor are you alone.

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Hi and welcome to DFS.
Welcome. Fellow Lone Star resident here - DFW area. I second the above statement that no one will judge you on value shopping here and you will find a wealth of knowledge to help you get the best bang for your buck on wet shaving products.

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Value is king- I love nothing more than picking up a $15 razor that shaves like a champ. Not sure about the VDH razor [think it may be an ODM Weishi?] but their deluxe shave soap is actually pretty solid. You can also pick up Gillette Platinum Plus blades at HEB and other drug stores which are nice blades and one of my favorite Gillettes overall.

Welcome to the group and look forward to hearing more about your journey!

PS I grew up outside Houston and after about 20 years on the West Coast have found myself back in Austin, Tx.

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Welcome to Damn fine shave, Austin.
DE Gillette

Welcome to DFS!
- Jeff

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Austin, welcome to DFS. As Freddy pointed out in his post, there's a wealth of wet shaving experience found here at the forum. Visit often, ask questions and enjoy the forum.

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