Hi all,

I just wanted to introduce myself before I start chiming in on some posts. I have been shaving with de razors for almost a full year. My good friend started me down the slippery  slope and I can't thank him enough. Before that I used strictly cartridges. I have already caught the bug and have several razors, soaps, and brushes. I am hoping to gain more knowledge and make some new friends here. Thanks for having me. DKS1987
Hello and welcome from another Californian!

Philadelphia, PA
thanks for checking us out!
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Welcome to Damn Fine Shave, DKS.

You'll like this shaving site.

Reading these posts looks easy because I see a lot of white here.

And the avatars are big also.
DE Gillette

Los Angeles

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Las Vegas, NV, USA
Welcome to a great, great forum! Good to have you here.
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Austin, TX
Welcome- spent quite a while in CA myself for work but living in Austin now. Great to have you at DFS!
All the best,

Michael P

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Welcome to DFS from a San Diegan. We're happy to have you with us. Smile
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