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Good morning gents my name is Avnish (Nishy) I am from London.

I have been thoroughly enjoying wet shaving for approximately 3 years. Previously a member of TSR where I conducted 5 Shavemac LE group buys. Hoping to add valuable feedback and learn a lot more from DFS. Thank you.

A few pics of my current set up:
[Image: IMG_2546_zps2nr1wzsu.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2390_zps7pyovl05.jpg]

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Hey Avnish, great to see you here!

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Oslo, Norway
Good day, Sir! Good to see you here Smile

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Thank you gents

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Surrey, UK
Hello, my friend. Good to have you over here. Happy2

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Welcome to DFS - you have a beautiful collection!
Happily married to a bald man & wet shaver & use his shaving products to shave my legs. Follow me on twitter @thebaldmanswife

North Carolina
Welcome to the group!
Thank you gents nice to see some familiar faces.

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Austin, TX
Nishy! Welcome to DFS and happy to see you in the community.

And your beautiful collection as always Wink

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