Why are these not normal line soaps for BM? Is the every other year and then the declaration never to be made again a marketing ploy? By all accounts both these scents have sold out within six months of release... Obviously performance is never an issue with BM soap but I don’t get it..... obviously in this niche market people like these scents and I presume we will see the same fervor with diamond should he release that again.......

It’s frustrating for me to have to conserve my ROAM supply and treat using that soap and aftershave as a special occasion, ditto for hallows.... If yo make something time and time again and it sells out... why would you not make it continually available?
Why don't you ask them?

“...As I use a Rim Fire Winchester Rifle, I would like to have one of your .44 pistols that would fire the same cartridge, as carrying two sizes of or kinds of cartridges in this Indian country is a nonsense.”

George D. Merriam letter to Smith & Wesson 9 June 1873.
If I remember correctly, ROAM is completely discontinued so unfortunately you’re going to need to keep conserving that. Regarding Hallows- this scent is completely geared toward Halloween and and cold, dark fall months. I imagine that the financial investment to keep this stocked year round would be difficult.
BPman I inquired when roam was released last and asked why it wasn't going to be made again.. I Never got a response back.
When Roam was 1st released my understanding from the threads I read it was a shit show. This most recent run of appeared to have been better received. However, still a few not on board.

So, imo not enough consistent buyers to keep it as a stockable item. It is far from being a Barbershop ready for the masses scent.

By yanking scents in and out it builds hype. Like hearing you will never see it again.

I wrote Will less than a year ago about Beudalaire. We bantered back and forth but the takeaway was that and the Fougeres weren't coming back. Well, we have Beudalaire as a full time release at WCS and the Fougeres are out in EDT form.

Seasonal and scarcity kick sale's into full drive and I think with the current wet shaving marketplace it's really all they have left. Organic sales are tough when everyone is sitting on 2 dozen tubs of soaps and most of us with much more.

I started out having to buy everything. I mean run to the computer at drop time and buy 2 if they let me. Now, if I've smelled one lime I've smelled them all. All about the base for me at least at this stage in the game. Things I would have given to my son as some sort of shave gear hand me down will almost certainly end up on Ebay or as trade bait for a frag. Just over the collectability of shave soap.

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I could have sworn Hallows was discontinued as well.

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(03-22-2019, 01:24 AM)CastleShave Wrote: I could have sworn Hallows was discontinued as well.

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It is......for now....

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I'm just glad he made a run of Roam edt. I loved the scent of Roam and had many tubs of it. But I get to really enjoy what Will is passionate about, his scents. Always loved the performance of his soaps but he makes some incredibly unique scents. As said above, the forums were a place for Will to witness some of the brutal comments against his creations. Anyways, Will is a smart and talented man and has seemed to take feedback from his customers. Nonetheless, if you want or need this scent, I'm sure a WTB ad will do them solid with a bit of patience.

Hallows wasn't bad but I wasn't a true fan of it. Beaudilaire was more up my alley.

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