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I consider myself one of the lucky ones as Mohammad reached out and asked if I would be interested in trying a sample of Grooming Departments new soap base, Fortis. 

I was able to shave with Fortis this morning. Very nice product! I assume this was an unflavored soap. There is a bit of animal funk/soapy smell off the puck which was totally undetectable once lathered.

My take after one shave is:

1. Very easy to lather and builds lather quickly with little effort
2. The lather did seem a bit lighter than GD's other offerings which could be my due to my not being familiar with this soap and just did not have it dialed in. The lather also seems to break down a bit quicker than others. What I mean is when it is in the lather bowl between passes, it needs a bit of agitation before reapplying to whip it up again.
3. Love the bright white color of the lather.
4. Man is it slick! I used a Riga 8/8" straight and got an excellent BBS shave with absolutely no irritation. Great performance!
5. I did not use any pre shave/rejuvenating/after shave. My face felt/still feels (7 hrs later) well hydrated, soft and smooth.

In my opinion, Grooming Department is, once again, on the path to releasing yet another excellent soap base.  The fact that he has figured a way to offer a soap of this caliber, drop the price to $15.00 for 5 oz (I believe this is what price and quantity will be), is a true testament to Mohammad's ability and intentions! 

Well done sir! (again...)
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