What is meant when someone says "that's my goldilocks razor"?

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Idaho Falls, Idaho
Good question. I always assumed it referenced the tale when Goldilocks would state "this one is just right".

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Ferndale, MI
^What he said.

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- Jeff

Nashville, TN
Agreed, the one that is 'just right'

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Depends on the day, but right now it's a 3 way tie:

1A. Timeless 95 SS SB
1B. Game Changer 84
1C. ATT Windsor H

I take it as current favorite(s)

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(10-18-2018, 12:46 PM)Gravity Wrote: What is meant when someone says "that's my goldilocks razor"?

I don’t know but the 3 bears didn’t want Goldilocks in the house. Kinda like fresh prince of bel-airs take on Jazz. So I wouldn’t take it as a good thing on my end. Or maybe it’s the razor the keep throwing out but always comes back lol just joking I’d stick with option A

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