Give me your thoughts! I heard her Argan shave cream is slick.


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(I'd call it a croap, myself. A very soft one).

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I have several of her 'creams'. And they are ridiculously slick. I own a few others : tobs, drh, Nancy Boy, st James, smn, t&h, suavecito. Hers is the slickest. I think it is best used by building a lather in it like a soap - grabbing an almond size clump is tough as it is a bit too dense /thick. Moreover it is grainy. But building a good load on it is very easy. I love it and she has a huge scent library.

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Thank you Gents! I appreciate the replies.

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Have only tried her soaps (glycerin, vegan, and tallow) but agree that Ginger's Garden has impressive scent options.

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