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This morning I`ve used my Gillette Rocket. I got it along with 2 other razors for £15  from ebay, and was curious how it will goes.

When the razors arrived, I cleaned them carefully. I realized, that Rocket has little problem - losing the handle from base plate. It`s easy to re-crimp with screwdriver so, after that everything looks OK.

I was in hurry today, and used canned goo. Some people hate it, but it works fine for me. Compared to 50s Super Speed, I think this Rocket shaves almost the same - mild. I am little disappointed, because my beard is tough and prefer more agressive razors. Even my Slim Adjustable on set 4 works better. As blade I used new Dorco Titan.

[Image: IMG_20180714_065646.jpg]

What is your opinion? Similar like mine, or maybe some blades can improve the shave?
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Yes, it's a mild razor. I couldn't get a close shave with mine and stopped using it. I still have it though. It's easy to find one. I think I bought mine for 5 euros.

I suggest you to try some more aggressive blades, the Bic Chrome Platinum for example.

Barbon is a great lotion with a nice and refreshing minty scent. I really like it. You don't see it very often.

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put on a Feather and you should like it, I have Aristocrat 48-50 and while it shaves great since its mild I decided to throw in a Feather blade and wow, what a smooth ride of 8 shaves. Yes feather blades last me till 8 shaves, only Kai out beat them longevity wise with 10 shaves per blade

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These guys perform at their best when using a Feather. Even stellar when blade buffing. These razors and all FT SS need a Feather blade to really shine.
No blade is "aggressive". Blades are a balance of sharpness (the hone, i.e., edge) and smoothness (coatings/sputtering). Yes, some blades are sharper than others, but that does not make it aggressive as any given blade is locked into position once mounted in a razor. Gillette, through their superb marketing dept., has determined what DE blades sell the best and for what beard types in the respective countries they are marketed in. A perfect example is the Nacet Stainless, marketed in the Middle East. The 7 O'Clock range appear to have their hone angles tweaked to different degrees as well as their other blades. I would make an educated guess that they tweak the coatings/sputtering as well with formulaic R&D. It's science meets marketing. These guys are smart. If you go to the following blog line and click on the respective blades you can see the different hone angles that have been measured for a few top blades:


It's not only a matter of the user testing given blades in their respective razors, but also for the user to have excellent prep and technique so as to not to blame a blade for a bad shave when it indeed was poor prep and/or technique that caused it.

OP, I have owned/used all three variations of the "Flare Tip" Rocket and they shave just like their U.S. cousin the "Flare Tip" Super-Speed.
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Gillette Rocket Flate Tip is sweet.
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