DFS Horizon Collaboration with Black Mountain Shaving. Going live on 11/17/23. Read more here!!


Hamilton NJ
What ever happened with this??

I don't know. I see you were here only 11 minutes ago.
DE Gillette
Are you talking the new production version of the Ball Tech? I think I saw pics of them being sold through the AOS dealers. Maybe about a yr or so ago. I cant confirm though.

If that is not what you are asking....then I dont have the answer?

Hamilton NJ
new production! I seen this talked about last year a lot even saw a card board cut on display at my local AOS store
It is in the same state as "Check is in the mail".
To be vintage it must be older than me!
The last razor I bought was the next to last razor I will ever buy!
Someone over on another forum just recently said they were told that it's still in the works. Who knows? It's not like we're running out of old Techs!! Big Grin
Secretary Ramsey put his foot into it yesterday . . . in the course of his remarks he said that California “needs water and better society.”  “So does h-ll,” yelled someone in the crowd.  

Hamilton NJ
Ya, like I really need it anyway. Have so many of the original Gillette's that are probably better then the new release is gonna be


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