DFS Movember Lot #2 is now live!! Read more here!!

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Shipping CONUS and PayPal of $120

Great revamp shaver. Everything works like it’s supposed to. The Doors open picture , the liquid is little mineral oil. Whipped it off.
[Image: acb5e75b22a5ceb8c73e424589b63aea.jpg][Image: e5d77f2b42b677bdef6120edac864926.jpg][Image: 6c2b84c893fc74ba3a538bd215167cef.jpg][Image: 5e938a5c845296385921d429991cfa32.jpg]

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Pic without the mineral oil
[Image: 9c05ca5594764ddeef6aa359dbf7c0fa.jpg]

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