Just joined the forum. I’ve been wet shaving for over 25 years (started with Abercrombie and Fitch Spice cream and a col conk brush in 1991) and switched from cartridges to DE about 5 or 6 years ago.

Until 4 years ago I used Proraso Green exclusively and only lately have expanded my den to include MANY classic creams and artisan soaps, and expanded my brush collection from a Semogue brush I bought in Italy back in 1997 to several different badgers and a new Semogue boar. For DE razors, I started with a Merkur Futura, and naw shave daily with either my Rockwell 6C or Feather ASD2. I have a Muhle that I don’t use much.

Anyway, thought I’d say hi. I also belong to Badger and Blade.


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Welcome! I look forward to your comments from the many years you have been doing this.

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Welcome. Smile
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Welcome to DFS, Chris. It's good to have you with us. Smile

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Glad to have you here on DFS!
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thanks for stopping by.
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Welcome to Damn Fine Shave, Chris.
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Welcome to DFS, Chris!

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Welcome Chris, Walked into Trumpers on Curzon Street in 1991 and shaving right along side you the last 25 plus!

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