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Second annual end-of-year query on your favorite soap scent discoveries of the year. They do not have to have been released in 2018.

Long Rifle - Voyageur
Wholly Kaw - Pasha's Pride
CRSW Glide - Olfactory Hue

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Art of Shaving Oud
AoS Oud
Did I mention Art of Shaving Oud?

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Unfortunately, I am still enamoured with most of the old Mystic Water and the Jabonman/Eufros scents. I still haven't found anything that quite compares to these.   Shy

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Henri et Victoria Duc de Santal!!

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West Coast Shaving Gatsby No. 1

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Wholly Kaw  King of Bourbon

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Alabama - USA
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Eufros/Jaboman soaps - any of them

B&M - Vespers

WK - Pashas Pride
King of Bourbon

DG/CL - Lamplight Penance

GD - Incense and Rose, Mallard - Kulfi, Verbrannt

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The driven soul always succeeds....

Woodstock, VT
Eufros • Rosa - Oud
GroomingDept • Verbrannt
GroomingDept • Incense & Rose

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Philadelphia, PA
(12-07-2018, 02:51 AM)Hobbyist Wrote: Art of Shaving Oud
AoS Oud
Did I mention Art of Shaving Oud?

I can't believe I talk to you. Big Grin Tongue

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Virginia, USA
B&M Vespers
Lisa’s Amber & Tobacco
GD Incense & Rose

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