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what's your favorite type of badger hair for a shaving brush? high mountain white? 2-band? silvertip? etc...
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I dont have extensive experience but I was wowed by the Shavemac 2-band fan knot (24mm). Rudy Vey put it all together for me. I still have it and used it during today's shave. It's just a pile of soft velvety goodness. If you prefer something with more scruff and/or backbone then this might not be a good option.

I had a 24mm bulb shavemac knot (direct from them) and I didnt quite like it because it was too small to hold copious amounts of lather. I am sure a 28mm bulb knot would have been to my liking.
Maggard’s SHD knot, followed closely by Elite Manchurian fan

Declaration B7 and Maggard SHD (both 2 band) are the best knots I own and have used. Although I do have this old Shave Revolution Silvertip that I really like too. If it had the backbone of my Dec brushes it would be my favorite brush because it's so freaking soft.
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Man, I like them all. As long as the hair and construction are good, and there is enough hair in it, I enjoy all of them for all sorts of reasons. I really like a quality Silvertip for its pillowy face feel. I like the backbone of a good two band. I like the hooked and white tipped treated brushes. Fan and bulb, higher loft or stumpy, I like them all. As far as the terms used by knot perveyors, I find gems and dogs among all of them.

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Thater's 2 band silver tip is really nice.

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I got the Maggard’s 2 band. It was affordable and it really is a good knot. Way better than the boar knot I have on the excelsior. That one sheds crazy and is a lot scratchier. I mainly did it for the nostalgia tone and for a “good” knot for my Ever Ready rebuild.

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Tip Knots from TurnNShave

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Highly agree!! Milton’s v3 Tip knots are out of this world. Also very fond of DG’s b5 & b6

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