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When you are buying new soaps what factors lead you to buying a soap?

Do you go by reviews? Past experience with the artisan's soaps? Recommendation from a friend? Hype here in the forums? Certain description of the scent? Tallow or Vegan? A special edition that you must have?
Pretty much all of those,

1.I definately read reviews unless I am sure I will like the scent.
2.Past experience is invaluable
3.A recommendation from a trusted wet shaver can and has made me buy a soap.
4.Hype is probably the least likely factor to influence me, this can sometimes put me off. Look at the recent release of Fine soaps, massive hype, average performing soap.
5.Scent is very important and particular scents citrus, fruity or sweet will often get me going.
6.I do prefer tallow but I still like vegan but I might be more sceptical to jump into a blind buy.
7.Special Editions/Seasonals, now these have me hook line and sinker especially if I like the sound of the scent.

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Hype, hype, hype! Big Grin

I pretty much know the scents and properties I like in a soap. Once your in in for as long as I have, you'll put your go to list together and pretty much stick with it.

Have fun with the hunt!

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Probably first would be what I read on the forum.

Successful past performance of a brand would have me thinking positively about it if an attractive sounding scent was announced.

Non-compensated reviews. I pay little heed to "reviews" where the reviewer has been compensated in any way.

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(06-04-2016, 07:23 PM)sinistral Wrote: When you are buying new soaps what factors lead you to buying a soap?

NEVER go by the reviews of others. Never. You simply do not know if what matters to you matters to the reviewer. In fact there are so many factors, I can't explain them in one post. I suggest reading this http://damnfineshave.com/thread-shaving-...ss-results where I tried to explain all the cautions.

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When I first started, five years ago, I started with artisanal soaps as I wanted the most 'natural' ingredients in a soap, so I experimented with the few theat were available and I was extremely fortunate to have found two fantastic soaps.
Throughout the years, I have tried probably all of the good artisanal soaps and I have found what works for me to the point where I have limited things to one soap, only.
Of course, scents have a great contributing factor. Shy

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What I read on the forum's. Artisans and/or vendors that offer samples available is a large part of it too. I like to try before committing. For those that dont I do rely almost entirely on forum posts / reviews.

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1. Ingredients
2. Maker
3. Scent
4. Shipping cost Smile

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In addition to my prior comments, I'll have to add, I'm not a cheapskate. If is good for my face and I like it, I'll pay whatever the amount. I'm very peculiar as to what I use on my skin.
Way more than I care to admit or reveal. Wink

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Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!

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