A little while ago I got this Ever-Ready 100T from eBay and had it waiting to restore it. I took advantage of Maggard's sale on brushes last weekend and got a 22mm 2-band badger. It came in Friday just in time for me to take it to work Saturday and prep the handle. Last night I got some epoxy and filled the hollow. This morning I set the knot and after an hour or so I took my chances (because I was impatient) and gave it a go. This turned out to be a great experience! That's a great little knot and I have my first brush restore. I'm kind of excited! [Image: 60c6c326bdbe2e0a9dda434aab7fd3eb.jpg][Image: 5d60d57412f5a8786c1a89c4333d54d1.jpg][Image: 6ad8711034f00d5c32d0a61120da8883.jpg][Image: d27368f45f65f447c76ceb419505dd98.jpg][Image: 0bb2008f46823cb97e8483babc3b40fc.jpg][Image: 42f5c476f9a4bd0b95ac4e06c10373eb.jpg]
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Great job!

Maggard's badger knots are really nice. The more I use the ones I have the more I like them.

Your restore came out fantastic.
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Thanks! I lucked out with the handle being in good condition. And I'm really happy with the Maggard knot. It's really good especially for the price.
It looks great. Hopefully you find it equally satisfying in use.
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I have a good feeling about it for sure.

Ferndale, MI
Nice job on the restore! I actually just completed restoring a very similar Ever Ready F40. It's the same shape as yours but has blue on the top and cream on the bottom.
- Jeff
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Philadelphia, PA
nice. I dig those handles myself and actually own one as well.
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Lake City, Florida
Congrats on your first restore and those are great handles too! Very comfy! I have a feeling another will soon be in the works....
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Looks awesome.  Love the vintage Ever-Ready handles.  I have the same handle with a APShaveCo 24mm Tuxedo Knot.
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San Diego, Cal., USA
A beautiful job.  Love those old handles and you have extended the life of that beauty.  A job well done.  Enjoy. Happy2
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