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Eufros Sandalo-new, Talbot Winter’s Refraction-lathered once or twice, Ariana and Evans Cannablis Santal AS, used twice, Saponifico Varesino Cubebe AS used twice.
$88 shipped US.
[Image: 405318e15b6db3728d2ea094b6c3947f.plist]
Timeless .68 Stainless Scalloped baseplate.
$70 shipped US.
[Image: a2491c25be355e8dee3373ee2dbc66ce.plist][Image: 713d066b3923a0352b8f128204cff2ee.plist][Image: 92cfed2e7dacd3a6ef7b445aab500bcc.plist]
Lot split. Eufros Sandalo $38. Ariana and Evans Cannabliss Santal AS $21, SV Cubebe AS $21.
Eufros and Talbot gone. AS left. Will sell together for $37 shipped.

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