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Hey all. I have a few things sitting around not getting much attention.  Hopefully you find something you like.  Shipping CONUS is $3 for one item or $5 for two or more.  Dont hesitate to PM if you have any questions.  Thanks for looking.

- Eufros Ylang Ylang Premium Tallow: approximately 1.5 oz remaining. Transfered from original jar to sturdy Colt jar. This is perfect if your looking to sample before you buy a full tub.  $5

-  La Savonniere du Moulin Donkey Milk: lathered approximately 5x. Removed from original flimsy packing and pressed into larger jar.  $12

-  B&M Seville: new/unused.  SOLD

-  Proraso Green: approximately 85% remaining.  $5

- 18x Kai Blades:  $9

[Image: 2TDxZbS.jpg]

[Image: mWqrNfk.jpg]

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