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Now $25.00 shipped!

New soap for sale. Never lathered. Tin is a little banged up transport. $30.00 shipped.

[Image: f650520d88512e5078ddaa3fa83ae9bf.jpg]

[Image: 1c2790e7bbe4ec19cadea82ca73df2e0.jpg]
[Image: 5a55d84351fbc21a105f1dccab05053c.jpg][Image: aab900671c69f75c61089903ce7888b6.jpg]

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Can you describe the scent?
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(07-25-2018, 03:18 PM)primotenore Wrote: Can you describe the scent?

Very medicinal in my opinion. Really hard to describe as I have never smelt anything like it. I have another of his soaps and the quality to top notch I just can’t do the smell so I never used it.

I know that doesn’t help you but I am not good with picking out scents. Maybe someone else here can help me describe this soap?

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Price drop - Now 25.00 shipped
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