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I have hands for feet and dropped my Rocca on a textured tile floor. Thankfully the damage is minimal but I cannot unsee it. Very bummed. [Image: 42c3b15d8b9ecaa07a71c9c9e89ba022.jpg]

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it took me a while to notice the dent on the handle.... think of it as battle wounds

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(08-11-2018, 10:47 PM)Blagoja Rajevski Wrote: it took me a while to notice the dent on the handle.... think of it as battle wounds

Ha totally agree. I was thinking that I was sounding a bit over dramatic about the drop. I’m always so careful with my gear that when I drop anything I get bummed out. Still looks and shaves great.

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I feel your pain... When I dropped my Oneblade V1 (and I mean head bent to crap, I couldnt load a blade) I hovered between light headed and complete sadness. In the end, anger won out and the Oneblade went straight into the trash. My fault, I owned it, bought another.

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it could perhaps be polished it out...

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(08-11-2018, 11:42 PM)ANG69 Wrote: it could perhaps be polished it out...

I like your style....and your work!!! Killer job on that Dart. The Rocca has a matte bead blasted finish. What do you recommend

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Thank you for the kind words! I would keep the head as is and would polish the metal parts of the handle to create some contrast with the bead-blasted finish of the head.

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I think most of us have been through this, and not just with razors.  In my case it was one of my shave brushes.  I still use it and accept the fact that it is what it is.  Ultimately, would we really like to live in completely foam rubber homes? Winking

All the best on whether you decide to polish it or leave it as is.
I'm yet to drop any of my razors, I think I only once dropped the Supply Provision in the sink and I was more worried about the sink lol the razor didn't even had a scratch on it, I guess the V1 of the SP SS is much more durable than the 2nd version MIM process.

None the less I have already broken 4 suribachi bowls that I use for lathering and I get them pretty cheap locally so I'm sort of ok with that. Well no more ceramic stuff for me in the shaving area, that's why I ordered these 2 products, both unbreakable plastic material, both have ridges and perform great, one is bowl and other is mug. Last on my list is Doug's PAA plastic scuttle, that one will have to wait when the Gem razor gets restocked so I can grab both at once. I need items that wont break and the ceramic items are very prone to damage, even a small bump can render the item non usable because it can create an edge that can slice trough your skin,meat,bone etc.

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Sorry to hear this, drdeemanda. I guess the odds are that something like this will happen sooner or later. At least you’ll now be able to recognize your razor in a crowd! Confused
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