Now that we are where we are with tremendous artisans like Wholly Kaw and Declaration Grooming, Catie’s Bubbles, Barrister & Mann, etc. How do old schools makers like DR Harris stand up in terms of performance, scent etc,?

Curious to get some thoughts if people still think they measure up.

San Jose, California
compared to those artisans, DR Harris is okay. For me performance is def not as good, but usable for sure. I still love the Arlington scent, and it isn't going anywhere.

Idaho Falls, Idaho
Great question! I am decidedly a fan of Harris soaps. Never tried their creams because I like the soap thing. I find them totally adequate compared to modern artisans. Where they really shine is in scent. Wow, I love the refined scent the Brits put together. I also dig the triple milled soap and load them loooong. As long as Harris resists reformulation it will be in my cave.

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I've always liked their scents, but to me the performance is lacking compared to some of the better stuff that's out nowadays. The longevity of their pucks isn't a factor for me since it takes me forever to get through any soap in a rotation, hard or soft.

Des Moines, IA
Great Thread!

I chose Marlborough for yesterday’s shave. There are current artisan soaps that perform better for me, but the Marlborough scent is timeless in my opinion

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