I am somewhat well versed in Vintage razors. And what is the point of using strictly vintage razors if I dont use vintage brushes? I like to focus on razors though, their history, lineage, updates, and demise. Brushes? Those are just tools, and a means to a good shave. One thing I am not is a brush snob. I know more than the average noob, but not much more. So I had some stuff that needed attention and sought out Doug Korn for his work. While I didnt challenge his skills, I might have slightly tested his patience. And for that, I appreciate his hard work. I now have another family heirloom I can pass along to one of my boys.

First off is Frankenstein. He was a regular Rubberset 2 or 3. I had bought a tulip shaped badger bulb a few yrs ago and a guy on another forum set it for me. But within months the handle broke. I superglued it. 2 months later it broke and I glued it again. After about 6 more times of that, I was running out of plastic to glue. I asked Doug to just cut me a new handle out of random plastic bar stock on the lathe, and reset the collar with the Golden Nib bulb onto it. Doug obliged. Its heavier, and I love it.

[Image: 8brjAjd.jpg]
[Image: s6hBRYp.jpg]
[Image: zbhOh9b.jpg]

This second is what I believe to be a butterscotch Klenzo. I found it in the wild and it was roached of course. But finding one in the wild is worth something to me. Since I wanted a smaller badger for creams, I sent this one along too. I dont have any before pics, but look at it after he polished it up! Dang this thing shines. He found me a nice badger and it is a beaut.

[Image: YxjdqWr.jpg]
[Image: zEFyj33.jpg]

This next was in rough shape. It had been beat and thrown around and used daily for 10-15 yrs. Then shuffled from box to box and home to home. Scratched, dent and marred, it wasnt worth much. But what it was, was my Great Grandfather's brush. My Grandmother tells me her dad would shave first, then her 4 brothers would use the same brush and lather to shave with. When Doug saw it, he thought it might be beyond repair. But once he knew of its importance to me, he treated as he would any high dollar brush. That said, there was still one area that was preventing the collar from seating completely, and I'm cool with that, as thats how I remember it since I was a child. Here are the before and after shots of the Erskine. He found a vintage boar knot to set in there, making it near period correct.

[Image: Jtnpcev.jpg]
[Image: f9XfUqu.jpg]
[Image: T3RLhua.jpg]
[Image: AF2LLms.jpg]
[Image: OBVAwc4.jpg]

I would like to take the time to thank 55dougie (Doug Korn) for his hard work on these brushes. While some are tools, one is a link to my family's past that will soon be a part of my past as I give it to my boys. Also, that you andrewjs18 and DFS for allowing members to have access to merchants without dipping into our wallets just for this access.

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True irony

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I dig that Erskine handle!

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andrewjs18 I test lathered it last night to defunk it. That narrow silhouette is very different but feels just right when lathering. Doug must have stood for hours polishing that thing as rough as it was when I sent it to him.
B&B Ban date 4 July 2016
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True irony
Beautiful brushes!

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I actually found before shots of the Klenzo before Doug got his hands on it. It was yukky.

[Image: ndrHCSg.jpg]

[Image: GwSQDiT.jpg]

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True irony

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It's great to see old brushes given new life. Very nicely done.

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It takes a special person to look at an old, worn out brush like those ones and see their potential and then make the investment of time and money to see it through.  Thanks olschoolsteel  and 55dougie

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The Klenzo B895 handle is a classic and one of my favorite shapes. Congrats.

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Awesome brushes! It's great to have something that your Great Grandfather used returned to it's former glory and be able to hand it down to your sons someday.

Doug Korn does some fantastic looking work. I've always admired it, albeit from a computer screen. I hope to own one of his brushes eventually.

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- Jeff

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