I've been trying to estimate a date for a Kent V-8 size brush but not having much luck. I think I remember seeing Kent V-series brushes when I was living in Phoenix which would put it in the late sixties and when I contacted Kent one of the people said he remembered that the V-series was being made when he came to work with Kent in 1973 so I can set an earliest date in the late 1960s.  The good folk at Kent confirmed the stopped making the V-series in the 1990s but that still leaves a quarter century or more as the age.

I had hoped the logo on the brush might help narrow the window since it is not a logo with which I am familiar. Instead of a shield or crown or "By Appointment..." or "World's Finest" the logo is simply three men above KENT, Made in England and Pure Badger.

[Image: large.jpg]

I'm hoping someone will take one quick look at the logo and authoritatively declare "Oh yes, they used that logo on brushes made on Tuesdays in July of 1967."
To be vintage it must be older than me!
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