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Hi All,

IrishC was kind enough to send me a tub of his Gates of the Arctic shaving soap to pass around DFS.  If you'd like to try the soap out, please reply with the state you live in.  This is only a 3oz tub so I'm not sure how many people will get to use it before it runs out.

I scooped some out of the tub with a clean spoon into an empty shaving tub and used it for my shave tonight.  This was my first experience ever using any Talbot shaving soaps and I must say, it's an excellent soap.  The scent, to my nose, smells like a field of grass, with a slight sweet note, though not overly sweet.

Please do keep in mind...  I'm going out of town Sunday night (7/14) after I'm done work and won't return home until late the following Saturday night (7/20), so this soap will not ship out to the 1st person in line behind me until Monday, 7/22, at the earliest.

[Image: bKfvMF1.jpg]

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
I would like to try it. I am in New Jersey.
I'm in and located in Indiana.

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