I’ve got a new Razor coming in so need to make a little more room in the Den. This is a Declaration Grooming B6 ‘Autumn Glory’ Jefferson and comes with original packaging. I hate to let this one go as B6 is probably my favorite Batch of Hair, but something has to move to make room. I am selling for what I paid, which is $290 Shipped Priority, CONUS and PayPal only, add 4% for G&S. Send me a PM if you would like more Pics or if you have any questions.

[Image: GT4Ss3x.jpg][Image: avk24Kf.jpg][Image: Ebh1wTq.jpg]

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Philadelphia, PA
TheHunter, please reread the bst rules and fix your ad: https://damnfineshave.com/announcement-bst-rules

I'll move it back once it's fixed..
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