Dallas TX
I'm loving the red swirl Manchurian I got from you but now I really can't wait to try one of yours. Maybe when I finish grad school I'll get myself one as a gift.
(05-12-2017, 12:30 AM)DeclarationGrooming Wrote: Thanks, Spencer!

It's humorous to me that your collection of my brushes is significantly nicer than my personal collection Big Grin
Love these brushes! If you ever decide to sell or trade the Big Blue brush, let me know. Great collection!
(05-11-2017, 08:41 PM)GloryUprising Wrote: Left to right (in order of purchase).

Declaration LE 'Franklin' @ 30mm aka Big Blue
Hucklaration LE 'Golden Ticket' @ 27mm aka Goldie
Declaration LE 'Carnavis & Richardson' @ 24mm aka Tai

[Image: YlGnPZq.jpg]

Knot is super dense, bit releases easily. In between The Varlet 'Finest' and Paladin 'Select' more toward Paladin.

Shout out to @"landlgrooming" for crafting these brushes.

I know sometimes the community at large can be a handful and act entitled. Thanks, Scott, for being amazing and bringing such awesome products to market!

How much was the C&R Titanium?

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