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I've ordered a cast resin brush handle to be made by a local greek artisan called " Tzimidin ".
The whole concept was / is rather difficult to be realized.

Let me take things from the beginning ...
I was looking for some scales material and saw this one .
Burlap Coffeebag  Micarta !
Wow !
Next thing I imagined a shaving brush handle like that !
But to be made is not an easy thing ...
Air bubbles ,cloth material ,etc ..
Lots of difficulties .
Nevertheless ,the man gave his best !

[Image: IMG-20190924-075702.jpg]
At the right is his first trial ,which he did not like .
At the left his second one !
( The left one is just taken out from the cast ,still needs some job to be done  )

Me thinks that is an amazing job !

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The "Baggie" custom brush handle is almost ready !
Can't wait to get it ,set a knot in it and add it in my rotation den .

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