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I like big knots 'n I cannot lie!
San Antonio, TX
It's my first premium 2Band Thater 4125-1 and there are things about it that I love. But, there are also things about it that i don't...

Though they aren't premium, I've been very good about finding 2Band knots with tips that swell and turn pillowy soft when wet. The little bit of scrub that I do enjoy, is generally taken care of by the -usually- bulb shape, density, and stiffer/thicker hair. But this Thater.... it is ALL scrub! I bought it used and have a good amount of trigger time on it, I've left it conditioning in my best soaps for that purpose, and yet nothing.

I adore this brush for it's fine qualities and what it represents but.... She just doesmt touch me like a loving man deserves to be touched.

[Image: PXwMIMZ.jpg]

Las Vegas, NV, USA
Sorry to hear about the stubborn Thäter. I once had the chance to try a larger knot size (also a bulb-shape) for a few shaves, and it was nothing but a beautiful pillowy cloud… I wonder why this one of yours is so vastly different…?
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I have a paladin like that. Its in my rotation and very different from my other paladin. Had mine almost a year and what ive learned, treat it rough like a synthetic and it will create awesome lather for me.

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