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Little something for everyone. Some older and newer items that may fit a den aesthetic. Easy to trade with so if anything catches your eye send me a PM and we'll work something out. There are a few specific things I would like to try listed below. I prefer to trade the gear off as much as possible but can discuss leveling up trades with $ as needed. I'll update the image library often so check back periodically.

There are a number of photos in the following album link which shows the gear up for trade.


There would be too many items to link or insert individually into one thread.

Items I'm interested in are immediately below.

Chatillion Lux  Fourth & Pine (EDT, AS & Salve)
Chatillion Lux  Clamorgan (AS, Toner & Salve)
Chatillion Lux Champs De Lavande (EDT, AS & Salve)
L&L Champs De Lavande Soap
L&L Mayflower Splash (No soap needed)
L&L DFS 2017 Set
L&L Puzzle Set
L&L Sweet Lemon Soap
L&L The Final Frontier Soap
Declaration Darkfall Parfum
B&M Gothique EDT
Delor De Treget (Soap, AS, Salve, EDT)
La Foret De Liguest (Soap, AS, Salve, EDT)
Vide Poche Set
Stubble Buster Resolute Set
Dr. Jon's Arctic Hydra Set
CF Sherlock Set
PAA Irish Springs Set
PAA Et Tu (Soap only)

Thank you DFS members.

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